Majestic Whales

Killer Whales on Quadra Island in British Columbia.
Two Humpback Whales
Pacific White-sided dolphin in Desolation Sound.

Zodiac Whale Watching Adventure - Full Day Duration 7-8 hours

Deep dive into the mystic for a full day immersion in an extraordinary setting as we adventure up coastal mountain fjords, through tidal rapids and island archipelagos in search of the great whales of the Pacific Northwest! These adventures give us the opportunity to really explore the waterways and microhabitats in search of all kinds of cetaceans, i.e. Migratory Humpback Whales, known for their underwater ballads, and Orca Whales, which can be one of two ecotypes in our area, Biggs (mammal eating culture) or Residents (salmon eating culture). Don’t forget the Pacific white-sided dolphins, Dalls porpoise and many other peripheral species along the way.

Every adventure is different and what we see on tours varies depending on the seasonal migrations of fish and marine mammals. Whales like the Biggs Orca (mammal eating culture) have very erratic patterns, they are always on the move, in and out of the Discovery Islands continually, however a good time to see Biggs is actually in the early spring.

As early as December a trophic cascade ensues in the Northern Salish Sea with top preditors moving in such as Biggs Orca, Stellar Sea Lions, California Sea Lions, and Pacific white-side dolphins to name a few. While spring can be cold this is a good time to get out with warm layers and the right guide, weather permitting.

Throughout the winter and summer Biggs & Resident Orca Whales move in and out of range, whereas Humpback Whales, at certain times can be more predictable. Over the last 7 years migrating Humpback Whales from Hawaii and Baja have made a resurgence from extirpation in this area caused by the whaling industry. Over several decades Humpbacks have made a remarkable recovery in BC and specific populations have made the waterways surrounding the Discovery Islands one of their summer feeding grounds.

Adventure Details

  • Bookings available from May through October

  • Certified Naturalist, Guide and Boat Captain.

  • Please be advised the minimum age is 4 years old

  • 11 people max

  • Organic, homemade lunches are Farm to Table and made by Trails End Farm Stand on Quadra Island. They include gourmet sandwiches, baked goods, tea, hot chocolate and coffee. Our signature, organic coffee is roasted right here on Quadra Island at Aroma Roasters. GF, V, VEG options available.

  • As of July 1st 2021 Masks are not required and up to the individual preference.

  • Sanitized Mustang Survival Suits, Toques/Beanies, Light Gloves & Goggles, Dry Bags are provided.

  • Hydrophone (under water microphone) to eavesdrop on whales talking in the water, if the opportunity presents itself.

  • Minimum of 4 people required to run the charter.

    In the event that your adventure does not book at least 4 people we can move your party of 2 or 3 to another date and time, or provide you with a refund or gift card. It is rare that we do not make minimum capacity, thank you for your patience.

Rates & Additional Information

Adult: $255 each + $3 conservation fee, booking fee and taxes.

Kids 12 and under: $155 + $3 conservation fee, booking fee and taxes.

Private: $1555 + $13 conservation fee, booking fee and taxes.

  • Warm layers.
  • A reusable water bottle (water provided).
  • Rain Gear is a good idea on rainy forecasts, if you have it to wear under floater suits provided. Rain gear is not a requirement.
  • Don’t forget your camera and sunscreen!

  • Departures can be arranged for groups from Campbell River- Discovery Harbour Marina (Ferry Berth) | Quadra Island – Quathiaski Cove (Ferry Berth) or Heriot Bay at Taku Resort | Cortes Island (Private Charters or groups of 4 or more) at Manson’s Landing or Gorge Harbour.
  • Please arrive 20 mins prior to your departure time. 

9am daily

Choose a departure time that works for you, or email us to further discuss departure options.

Boat and Gear sanitation provided by Envirocleanse-A, also known as “Anolite,” is a next gen commercial disinfectant that is non-toxic, organic, biodegradable and EPA approved to kill SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 ( For more information on our covid protocols see our covid safety plan in our Health and Safety Policy

  • There are accessible washrooms at the beginning and end of all tours. During tours, we can stop for bathroom breaks, but do not have washrooms on the boat.
  • Due to covid we may not have access to public washrooms on lunch breaks. In this case we will offer intertidal and or bush walks for restroom purposes that include toiletries and sanitizer. Welcome to the Great Outdoors!